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                      Products Show

                      About LONGYU

                      Jingmen LONGYU Petrochemical Co., LTD

                           Longyu Petrochemical CO.,Ltd located in Jingmen Chemical Industrial Park(National Chemical Industry Park),Hubei Province. We are specialized in the field of bleaching powder.  We have nearly 20 years of production experience, and invested 180 million CNY in 2015 to build China's largest bleaching powder production lines, covering an area of 120,000㎡.


                      CONTACT US


                                           Address: Jinghe Avenue, Duodao District, Jingmen, Hubei Province

                                          Contact person: 

                                          General Manager: Mr Lei Xinbo  13477351341

                                          Sales Manager: Miss Lee 13237275685

                                         National Sales telephone: 18727589478

                      • Copyright 2020 Jingmen Longyu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 

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